Personal Injury FAQ

Q: Should the Chiropractor be the first person I see or should I see an attorney first?

A: It is always important to be evaluated by a doctor before going to an attorney, so you will be able to have the information from the exam results to be able to decided if seeking out an attorney will be necessary. If seeking legal counsel is the course of action that you would like to take, we can always help with referring you over to a qualified attorney.

Q: During the accident, what if your car only sustained minor damage?

A: Auto accidents at lower speeds, even less than 5 mph, can cause serious damage throughout your entire body. There have been documented research studies that have discussed that the damage an automobile has after an accident has minimal impact and doesn’t directly related to the amount of force going to the neck and body of the passengers in the automobile.

Q: The accident wasn’t my fault, and now I have an injury, Who is paying for my care?

A: In our injury attorney office, we provide the care that is needed for you to get back to pre-injury status on a “credit” plan when patients have an attorney. All car insurance policies have the option for “PIP” coverage or Personal Injury Protection, as this is used to help you pay for these types of injuries. Another option some car insurance companies offer is “Med Pay”, where different medical bills can be authorized to pay up to a certain limit amount at 100%. If you end up using your own coverage for medical reasons, this shouldn’t raise any amount on the premiums that you pay. In our office we can help you get all the required documentation that is needed, to assist you with any information.

Q: I have just got a call from the Insurance Company, and they want to pay me to settle the case, What are my options?

A: You should NOT settle or sign any documentation before the injury that you sustained has resolved back to pre-injury status. You would need to have a medical professional evaluate the injury for further damage that you can’t feel or see. If you end up settling with the insurance company and still have an injury that you need medical attention for, you will be on your own with having to pay for ALL of the bills out of your own pocket.

Q: After the accident I went to the Emergency Room and a Medical Doctor. Is there a need for me to seek the attention of a Chiropractor?

A: That is good that you went to the Emergency room and the Medical doctor to make sure you are not in any life-threatening situation, and they will release you with the prescription for medication for pain relief. When seeing a Chiropractor, we focus on the diagnosis and treatment of the injuries that you have sustained during the accident, and look more into detail regarding your underlying mechanism and cause of injury. Chiropractors assess the way your body mechanics function, and correct any soft tissue or structural damage that may have been caused by the accident.

Q: Does the care a Chiropractor gives after an auto accident painful and safe?

A: Chiropractic care is very safe and gentle, and at our office we have multiple options in the care we provide. We offer multiple techniques that allow our patients to be able to get the care that they desire. Chiropractic care, along with specific neck or back exercises allows your body to have the best functional restoration, which will decrease the chance of getting chronic pain, stiffness, pinched nerves, and degeneration of the spinal discs.

At Image Weight Loss, we create treatment plans and programs that are individualized to each patient. These individual programs are aimed at the wellness needs for each person, as every accident is different for every person that is involved. Our treatment program offers not only chiropractic adjustments, but also massage therapy, and other physio-therapies for corrective care and exercises that will help promote the healing of the injured areas along with decreasing the amount of pain you may be experiencing. Image Weight Loss aims to help restore the structural integrity of the spine, increase flexibility in the muscles and joints, and decrease the overall pain that you are experiencing. We do encourage any car accident victims to call our office and setup an appointment for your injury diagnosis. Call us Today if you have been involved in an Auto Accident because the prompt treatment you will receive could be the overall difference in dealing with a swift recovery or a chronic type of injury that will linger for years to come.