With appropriate site selection, design analysis, perfect construction, operation and good maintenance, there is no setback about the feasibility of underground storage system, and it’s economically lucrative. The low pressure involved in underground storage system have posed not construction and operating delay that wireline logging company will not be able to bear from their experience from oil field activities. Storing of hydrocarbon will practically save a lot of critical material like steel for other use and national interest and also conserve liquid petroleum gas because without it the gas will vanish and it will not be of economic useable. It will help in the military in storing of oil in more strategic place that cannot be easily be attacked by the enemy. To practice underground storage of hydrocarbon, all the above-listed point must be considered.

Site Selection Protocol
The geographic location in choosing an underground storage depend largely on the chemical and physical characteristic of the material to be stored as well as the geological formation of the area where to be stored. Wireline logging company can extract the geological formation properties. They will carry out an experimental and complex geological study of the site. Other factors to be considered are transportation facilities, Availability of utilities, like adequate water Supply, waste disposal (and possibly brine retention) and Surface conditions.

Design and Construction Specification
Most complete and satisfactory underground storage system has been dissolved out of salt layers or turn into shale or rock. But advanced equipment has shown that by use of standard geological data with concise knowledge of Geologist and engineers a suitable design can be design to withstand any form of setback. This can be achieved by following the sound engineering standard and practice and adhering to the regulation laws and code with some advance knowledge during wireline logging and wireline logging inspection.

Operation and Maintenance Guide
The operation and maintenance of underground storage terminals can be broken down into the following. This is based on the type of the cavity of the storage been dealt with these are Scheduling which includes receiving and shipping. Receiving, shipping and measurement by trunks and long vehicle, Injection and Recovery by pumping and displacement, etc., Reprocessing of hydrocarbon to be stored to a more stable state
The operation and maintenance are not complicated as that of well being drilled by Wireline Company during extraction of petroleum. If it is properly maintained and planned possibility of severe failure will be eliminated. Product loss is not always excessive, and this ranges from 1.99% to 9.99% depending on construction procedure.

Contamination, Deterioration, and Alteration
Disease and decay do not occur in certain hydrocarbons like liquid petroleum gas and some other hydrocarbon. Though individual hydrocarbon is needed to be dehydrated when been withdrawn from cavities to meet the required specification. The temperature of the product being also stored in the cavities must be constant, and it is usually higher than average temperature encountered on surface leakage. It will be lesser, however, better than the highest temperature reached on surface tank storage.