What does a wireline logging company actually do?

Wireline logging services of prestige wire line

Wireline logging services is a pertinent and imperative aspect of oil and gas industries. They assist companies to examine the rocks that they are drilling. Empire Wire Line  provides these services with their significant coordination of device advancement and framework;

About Prestige Wireline

Prestige wireline logging corporation provides wire line services to customers. They are the kind of wireline logging companies that provide the best services for their clients. They also deliver a large range of cased hole facilities for the industry for hydrocarbon storage.

Prestige wireline logging services provide one of the best-synchronized wireline logging tools, progressions, and capability. Wireline logging company gives an unsatisfactory adaptableness to meet your budget and operation targets over a broad range of reservoirs but with Prestige wireline logging services and their high and exceptional wireline logging device, the framework we are focused on opening natural and infrequent assets.

Prestige wireline companies also give a wire line integrate estimation, the intercession of well, remedy operations that use a multi-strand link to through estimation devices into open and cased hole and other hardware.

Prestige wireline logging companies also provide 10 certain means for putting devices for wire logging into open holes, which put together traditional, propelled memory logging and ordinary with memory logging. Many of the movement structure can be used to improve the arrangement of a device for generation logging, case hole, puncturing and other different applications.


Clients are provided assistance with improving excellent execution which diminishing big complications through the cased hole wireline services, which includes services intervention estimation. Prestige Wireline corporation issues inward and external deformities brought by erosion, wear and scale.  Prestige wireline takes into importance wide range services of wireline logging. The ensuing importance incorporates critical cost funds and decreases the risk of hardware disaster and the failure to get data.

Competent Prestige Wireline services impact capable and competent transport system that improves open hole and cased hole evaluation method while diminishing dangers. Prestige Wire Line Corporation increases the completing of well with a broad range of exploration driven field- demonstration, assessment and intercession abilities.


What is wireline logging?

Open-gap (Wireline) logging is one among an immense variety of measurements and analytic strategies utilized in formation evaluation of oil wells.

Wireline logging provides the satisfactory assembly situation for all formation evaluation ways in oil wells. Best through open-gap logging can a steady document of measurement versus depth be made of so many formation residences. In distinctive, wireline logs can report formation, electrical resistivity, bulk density, average and brought about radioactivity, hydrogen content material, and elastic module. These raw measurements can then be interpreted to present a steady measurement -versus-depth file of formation properties reminiscent of porosity, water saturation, and rock variety. Almost without exception, every well drilled for hydrocarbons (oil and fuel) is logged with wireline instruments.

With the cost of oil at this type of high accuracy now, more and more oil operating businesses are gearing up for more drilling, and for this reason, more wireline logging, to maximize their earnings at the moment of exorbitant oil prices.

The exact running of a log includes decreasing software on the end of a logging cable into an oil/gas well. A sensor, integrated into a sonde in conjunction with its related electronics, is suspended in the hole (well) by a multiconductor cable. The alerts from the sensor are conditioned using the downhole electronics for the upward transmission of the cable to the control panel at a surface which in flip stipulations the sign for the recorder. Because the cable is raised or decreased, it prompts some depth-measuring gadget, a sheave wheel (pulley) which in turn prompts a recording gadget. Ultimately, some form of reproduction takes place to furnish a hard copy of the recorded data which is referred to as the well log.

Normally, wireline logging jargon distinguishes between a logging survey/run, logging software, and a log as well as a curve. There’s customarily some confusion about these terms when logging matters are discussed. A logging survey is furnished by way of a logging carrier manufacturer for a patron. For the duration of the path of the logging survey, the logging engineer may rent a couple of logging tools, and document some distinctive logs on each of which might be provided several one-of-a-kind curves. The logging tools used, in turn, is also composed of multiple sensors.

Cased hole gamma ray

Gamma ray tools or instruments helps in documenting gamma radiation that naturally happens in the well adjacent to formations.The nuclear measurements determine the radioactive composition or content of the formations Gamma radiation tools are effective in any environment and they are known to be the conventional device for correlation of logs in cased hole. Applications of these tools include

  • Depth determination
  • Depth correlation
  • Qualitative assessment of radioactive mineral dump
  • Depth control for perforating cased hole
  • Identifications of lithology

Spectral gamma ray cased hole

Spectral gamma radiation tool offers intuition into the mineral content of mineral formation. The overall spectral gamma radiation was determined is resolves into 3 common component radiations that occur naturally in shale’s  and sand which are Uranium, thorium, potassium. These give information’s are used to differentiate imperative features of sand which are around the bore well


  • Delineation of the reservoir
  • Recognition or Identification of igneous rock
  • Capacity studies of cation exchange.

Characteristics of a capable wireline company

The wireline company can be employed to carry out upkeep, either as a activities measure or in direct response to a crisis that may have developed. A wireline services company can prove invaluable to grease or fuel operators as their services can also be deployed under strain without injury to the well.

Commonly terms, the wireline services manufacturer, will run a single strand wire, or a multi-strand cable, into the gasoline or oil well. This can be achieved to set drift manage on quite a lot of gadgets. It may also be performed for methods of unpolluted out, or to place devices with a purpose to accumulate readings of temperature or stress so as to set up an accurate monitoring of the drawback within the well.

Pressure control apparatus used by a wireline manufacturer have to be designed to resist extremes of stress and temperature. The gear will on the whole stand up to pressures up to 15,000 kilos per square inch. It is also going to be designed to withstand the type of corrosion attack it is possible to encounter inside an oil or gasoline well. Pressure controlled apparatus can come in quite a lot of sizes. It can be used via a bore hole as small as two and a half of inches diameter.

What are the advantages For the Oil and gas enterprise?

Wireline contributions provide the oil and gas production industry with a somewhat low price method to one among their most basic needs. They are with no trouble to be had, which makes them most relevant to the enterprise when dealing with problems involving through-tubing. Oil and gas well operators find out that this helps in decreasing down-gap bills of production and protection. This can be expanded throughout the entire lifetime of the well, making it an obvious resolution of an option.

Probably the biggest benefits for an oil producer in making use of a wireline services company is that wireline tasks can simply be carried out while a well is under strain. This has the apparent advantage that the well does not have to be destroyed, thereby reducing the entire related costs and problems with that activity.

Construction can proceed unhindered, and there’s no time lost. A well destruction is costly and time-consuming, and damage can arise. Moreover, it is time-consuming and expensive getting a well back into construction. An organization with the compelling experience required can do away with the need for such an operation. Wireline service corporations work far and wide the arena supplying their potential to grease fuel corporations running from the North Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico to the Ivory Coast and Azerbaijan.

Wireline open-hole logging can furnish a largely mixed steady record of measurements within an oil well, reminiscent of hydrogen content, bulk density, and the traditional and brought on radioactivity stages, and extra. Organizations providing wireline services have the advantage through their engineers to participate in the imperative operations safely and cheaply, making them a reliable provider to the industry.

Understanding how Wireline logging works

Wireline logging is used to refer to the practice in the oil & gas sector in which a logging tool that is joined to a wireline is lowered into an oil well or a borehole so as to measure the rock’s attributes and also the formation fluids. The measurements that are derived through these methods are interpreted and also used to decide the depths and the zones where the oil and gas can be expected to lie.

The history of wireline logging goes back as far as about 90 years ago when two brothers that are named Marcel and Conrad Schlumberger, ran what is known to be the very first wireline log at the Pechelbronn Oil Company oil field in France.

They made some series of experiments to test it, and it was a success which the brothers then decide to call their new technique “an electronic survey.”  Few years later, the term “well log” was used in the United States. It is called wireline logging because the logging tool is reduced into the borehole or oil well on the end of a wireline.
The wireline logging tools that are used are cylindrical, and they range from a narrow diameter of about one and a half inches and up to about five”. There are three kinds of wireline logging tools.

The very first type measures the spontaneous potential that is the disparity in the voltage between the in the wireline logging tool electrode while it is inside the oil well, and another electrode that is positioned on the facade. It usually comes with additional equipment that measures the natural radiation that originates from the natural isotopes. Through this means, temperature and pressure can be measured.

The last kind of tool can perform some mechanical maneuver, and this type of device can recover rock samples in varying depths so as to allow the scientists to examine the formation physically. This kind of method also can extract oil samples at varying depth and bring it to the surface for checking whether they are used for the casing of the oil well, and are therefore open hole logs, or whether they were used after it had to be cased, and therefore cased hole logs.

The advantages that come with the use of wireline logging is considerable which allows the acquisition of treasured data at a very fast rate and also over quite a wide range of depths.

Underground Storing Of Hydrocarbon

With appropriate site selection, design analysis, perfect construction, operation and good maintenance, there is no setback about the feasibility of underground storage system, and it’s economically lucrative. The low pressure involved in underground storage system have posed not construction and operating delay that wireline logging company will not be able to bear from their experience from oil field activities. Storing of hydrocarbon will practically save a lot of critical material like steel for other use and national interest and also conserve liquid petroleum gas because without it the gas will vanish and it will not be of economic useable. It will help in the military in storing of oil in more strategic place that cannot be easily be attacked by the enemy. To practice underground storage of hydrocarbon, all the above-listed point must be considered.

Site Selection Protocol
The geographic location in choosing an underground storage depend largely on the chemical and physical characteristic of the material to be stored as well as the geological formation of the area where to be stored. Wireline logging company can extract the geological formation properties. They will carry out an experimental and complex geological study of the site. Other factors to be considered are transportation facilities, Availability of utilities, like adequate water Supply, waste disposal (and possibly brine retention) and Surface conditions.

Design and Construction Specification
Most complete and satisfactory underground storage system has been dissolved out of salt layers or turn into shale or rock. But advanced equipment has shown that by use of standard geological data with concise knowledge of Geologist and engineers a suitable design can be design to withstand any form of setback. This can be achieved by following the sound engineering standard and practice and adhering to the regulation laws and code with some advance knowledge during wireline logging and wireline logging inspection.

Operation and Maintenance Guide
The operation and maintenance of underground storage terminals can be broken down into the following. This is based on the type of the cavity of the storage been dealt with these are Scheduling which includes receiving and shipping. Receiving, shipping and measurement by trunks and long vehicle, Injection and Recovery by pumping and displacement, etc., Reprocessing of hydrocarbon to be stored to a more stable state
The operation and maintenance are not complicated as that of well being drilled by Wireline Company during extraction of petroleum. If it is properly maintained and planned possibility of severe failure will be eliminated. Product loss is not always excessive, and this ranges from 1.99% to 9.99% depending on construction procedure.

Contamination, Deterioration, and Alteration
Disease and decay do not occur in certain hydrocarbons like liquid petroleum gas and some other hydrocarbon. Though individual hydrocarbon is needed to be dehydrated when been withdrawn from cavities to meet the required specification. The temperature of the product being also stored in the cavities must be constant, and it is usually higher than average temperature encountered on surface leakage. It will be lesser, however, better than the highest temperature reached on surface tank storage.

Wireline logging – How it all started

Wireline logging is a term used in oil and gas sector to mean the bringing down a logging gadget joined to a wireline into an oil well to quantify the properties of the stone and the formation’s fluids

The estimations acquired are then translated and used to decide the profundities and areas where oil can be discovered. It is referred to as Wireline logging because the logging device is brought down through the oil well on the end of a wireline.

The history of Wireline logging is more than 80 years ago. Two Schlumberger brothers, Conrad and Marcel, were the first to run the principal wireline log in France at the Pechelbronn Oil Company.

Their exploratory logging endeavor was successful, and the siblings called their new method an electric survey. And in the mid-1930s in the USA the expression “well log” became a popular term.

Wireline logging devices are shaped like a cylinder. They go from a thin breadth of around one and a half inches up to around five inches. There are three fundamental types of wireline logging instruments.

Wireline Logging Company

Types of wireless logging instruments

The first measures the unconstrained potential. That is, the voltage difference between a terminal in the wireline logging apparatus and another cathode while the former is in the oil well and the latter at the entrance. This likewise has extra instruments to gauge the regular radiation originating from

The second sort of wireline logging apparatus has a wellspring of excitation and additionally a sensor. The detecting frameworks used as a part of this type can be attractive reverberation, inductive, electric, acoustic, or different strategies.

The third sort of hardware utilized is one that can play out some mechanical move. This kind of wireline logging apparatus can recover rock tests at different profundities to permit researchers to analyze the real development physically. It can also recover oil tests at decided profundities and convey them move down to the surface for analysis.

There are likewise contrasts in the sorts of electric log instruments utilized. They can be classified by whether they are used before the oil well is cased, and are along these lines open gap records, or after it has been cased, and in this way cased gap logs.

Electric logs are further characterized by the physical properties the device measures. It is a resistivity log when the particular resistance of the stone and liquids are measured. When a given volume of rock has its rate of pore volume measured, it is the porosity log instrument that is employed. Porosity logs use advances taking into account sound waves or atomic responses.

Wireline Logging Company in the field

Benefits of wireless logging

The upsides of wireline logging are extensive. Wire logs give different arrangement parameters like Resistivity, Density, Conductivity, Gamma, and Porosity. These parameters help in characterizing the borehole development .They likewise help in identifying nearness of Hydrocarbons storage.

It permits the securing of important information at a quick rate and over a broad variety of profundities. This permits quick and precise choices to be made on boring, in light of the data got. Understanding the physical properties of an oil well is basic to legitimately overseeing it over its lifetime. Wireline logging makes that possible.